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For sellers

You too can be part of the circular economy


Yes, that’s right!

It’s the word on everyone’s lips right now – from politicians to customers – but how can you take advantage?

At the moment, you pay three times for your industrial by-products and waste:

  1. When you buy a material.
  2. When you transform it into a material you won’t use.
  3. When you have to dispose of it.

And what if your neighbour needed precisely this product as a raw material?

WaVa is a marketplace that allows you to offer your industrial by-products to local businesses that need them.

WaVa Concept
WaVa est un facilitateur entre acheteurs et vendeurs

WaVa aims to be a transparent platform – the by-products for sale are accessible to any interested business, while maximum confidentiality is guaranteed. Consequently, your products are visible, but we do not publish the name of your business or the exact location of your warehouses to prevent any abuse of the information you share.

WaVa finances its marketplace through a percentage of the turnover generated by sales.

Complementary offerings for a seamless service

If you wish, our partner, Alcane Conseils, can provide an analysis and documents to ensure compliance with the regulations regarding the carriage of dangerous goods by road.

We can also arrange for a haulier to come and collect the product from your storage facility and deliver it to the recipient.

Just one more step

You’ll save time and money, and your customers will appreciate your efforts to reduce the environmental impact of your production.

What are you waiting for? Register, it’s free!

The platform is currently under development. Contact us and we’ll be sure to register your by-products in our database.