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One person’s by-products are another person’s raw materials.

WaVa is a digital marketplace for the sale and buy of industrial by-products (waste)

For sellers

Disposal of industrial waste is a cost for businesses and the environment.

Some of the waste you produce can be a raw material for another industry. By implementing a reuse chain, we enable you to have a new revenue stream.

For buyers

Purchase by-products to secure your supply chain. This will allow you to access a new source at a more competitive price than buying raw materials through standard channels.

By purchasing industrial by-products, we enable you to secure a complementary supply chain and reduce the risk of disruptions.

Our services

Waste management assessments

We assess your waste management to optimise its treatment.

Creation of waste upgrading pathway

Based on the characteristics of your production, we identify the most profitable channels for your by-products and make them visible on our marketplace

Our team

Henri Klunge

Henri Klunge


OCS risk prevention officer. Henri is responsible for all matters relating to the carriage of dangerous goods.

Yannick Gendre

Yannick Gendre


Chemical engineer and expert in industrial processes and waste management. Yannick is your sales contact.

Laurent Collet

Laurent Collet


IT Consultant. Laurent takes care of all administration matters including contractualisation.

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