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Combining security and environmental concerns?

Good News

Yes, it is possible!

Diversify your supply chain to reduce your risks. It’s always a good idea to have multiple suppliers of a raw material:

  • In case of a supplier default, even if you have a long-standing relationship.
  • In case of problems in the logistics chain.
  • To ensure competition on prices.

By purchasing industrial by-products, you not only open up a new supply chain, you also:

  1. Buy a product with the desired level of quality for a lower price than you would pay from a traditional supplier.
  2. Find a new local supplier.
  3. Improve the environmental footprint of your production. This is something that matters to customers, who are increasingly mindful of what businesses are doing to protect the environment.

And what if your neighbour produced the ideal by-product for your business?

WaVa is a marketplace that enables you to purchase industrial by-products from local businesses.

WaVa Concept
WaVa is a facilitator between sellers and buyers

WaVa aims to be a transparent platform – the by-products for sale are accessible to any interested business, and maximum confidentiality is guaranteed. By purchasing products on WaVa, you become part of the circular economy, a virtuous trend that is increasingly popular with customers.

WaVa finances its marketplace through a percentage of the turnover generated by sales.

A seamless service

All the contract-signing and payments are carried out through the platform, making the process as streamlined as possible.

What if the material I need is not available?

Register your search free of charge and we’ll let you know as soon as a product is available. By publicising your search through the marketplace, you’ll also encourage suppliers to take the leap. It’s a virtuous cycle.

Just one more step

You’ll save time and money, and your customers will appreciate your efforts to reduce the environmental impact of your production.

What are you waiting for? Register, it’s free!

The platform is currently under development. Contact us and we’ll be sure to register your search and guide you towards available by-products that match your needs.